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With a humble beginning, Nah Nah´s started with a group of best friends, heads full
of dreams, an iPod powered by computer speakers, second-hand furniture and no expectations. Nestled in the sunny beach town of Lagos, on the Southern Coast of Portugal, Nah Nah Bah opened it's doors to the public on June 18, 2005. The opening night menu consisted of three tasty dishes & four stiff drinks.

Today, Nah Nah Bah continues to create lasting relationships & memories while
living the dream by keeping true to their opening night roots. Therefore, in 2010
Nah Nah Bah was voted one of the top 50 burger joints in the world by
Matador Networks.

Thanks to support from friends and family Nah Nah's has been able to develop bold flavours while maintaining the essence of good times, good food, and positive vibes.
We invite you and your friends to be part of our family. Join us for soul food, tropical cocktails, home-made desserts and freshly brewed coffee. Come in and chill...

One Love, NahNahBah

Home is where the heart is... Click here for tunes Voted Top Fifty Burger Joints in the World NAHNAHBAH Will open on Friday 20 March for our 10th season FREE Join us OPENING TIMES 18:00 - 00:00 KITCHEN CLOSES AT 23:00 EVERY DAY EXCEPT MONDAY